The STEM IC Global On-Line Finals Jury members are:


Stephan Litjens - VP, Nokia Innovation Steering

Stephan´s responsibilities include innovations with customers, partners, and governments to achieve Nokia’s ambition to create the Programmable World. Stephan joined Nokia in 1997 and has held several R&D, product marketing and portfolio / product management and leadership positions in the mobile networks business. He is enthusiastic about exploring opportunities, new ways of working and business prospects that can make a difference and inspire others.

Tuuli Ahava - Head of Innovation - Cloud, IoT, OTT Nokia

Tuuli is an innovation leader at Nokia, currently focusing on 5G and IoT. She believes in innovation, collaboration, ecosystems, and the power of sharing. Whether it’s the opportunities IoT, Cloud and Analytics can provide or the importance of using technologies to build a better world, she’s all in. Appreciating geeks, admiring doing innovation instead of talking about innovation, always ready to ask even the stupid question. Learning something new every day is her mantra.

Satu Huuhtanen - Head of Global Product Management for Network Design and Optimization Services Nokia

Satu´s  responsibilities include portfolio development to drive Nokia thought leadership in professional services in the rapidly changing industry and business environment. Satu joined Nokia in 1995 and has held several R&D, product marketing & sales, product management leadership positions in the mobile networks and its’ services business. When in sales,  Satu was living in Denmark several years to work with European customers. She has also been part of and leading several changes programs within the company and currently also acts as business coach and mentor. She is enthusiastic about new ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, exploring new opportunities and new ways of working. Her driving force for success is continuous change.