Global On-Line Finals 2017

The winning team from each country will compete against the others in an online global competition organized by JA Europe on June 21,2017.

As the date of the On-line finals  could  be held in coincidence with the school exam period in some of the participating countries, we realized that not all the members of the national winning team would be able to participate at the On-line finals on June 21. It is required that at least 2 members of the national winning team must be present during the on-line finals and present their solution.

Each national winner will solve the challenge and submit the ideas in the form of presentation (PPT  or Prezi) together with a 2 min video pitch online and the concept paper describing the solution.   

An international jury formed by 3 Nokia representatives  will  review  the proposals and will interview each team online during the final. 

Working language for the Global On-Line Finals is English. Both presentation and concept paper must be written in English.  In case that the finalist teams are not able to present their solution in English, they can use interpreter who will interpret during the on-line presentation.

The finalist teams can work on the Global On-Line Finals challenge solution with the support of the local NOKIA mentors during the working period. The role of the business mentors will be the same as during the national STEM IC.  During the Global On-Line Finals, teams will present their solution without help of Nokia volunteers.

Finalist team can use the internet to research their ideas. 

The Global On-Line Finals will be recorded  and the recording will be published on this project website in Gallery section on June 22-

The ultimate winner will be announced on June 22, 2017 to the national JA organisations and all participating teams.

All finalist solutions will be published on project website JA Europe will announce the information about the winners of the NOKIA STEM IC Global On-Line Finals through their communication channels  (STEM IC website, Facebook, Twitter).