STEM IC Step-by-Step

At the STEM Innovation Camp students gather in order to address a specific STEM business challenge to come up with ideas which would solve the problem.
The STEM Innovation Camp is an intense experience for the students since they have to propose a solution within short period, given access to tools, information and resources. The team members may not know each other, will have to adapt to each other quickly and find out how to work together most efficiently. 



Students start with a session of brainstorming/idea generating (and ice-breaking) techniques and exercises. Students would be put together in mixed teams consisting of 5-6 students. The team members have not met each other before and have to adapt fast in order to work best together as a team.  





After the students warm up they will be given a challenge - the goal is to find creative, innovative solutions to the challenge.





Then the teams need to move into the next phase which is thinking through how to make their idea a reality; consulting with the Volunteer Experts available in order to figure out how to actually achieve it.





Teams have to prepare a presentation and a business concept within limited period and make their final presentations to a jury. They will have to apply entrepreneurial and innovative thinking in order to arrive at their final solutions.




The jury selects the top solutions and announces first, second and the third place. The winners of the national STEM IC will participate at the Global On-Line Finals.